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Pierrick Charron
Montreal (Quebec)

E-mail :

IT Consultant / Web Developer

Education & Credentials

April 2010 :
MySQL5 Certified Developer - Sun Microsystems
May 2008 :
PHP5 Zend Certified Engineer - Zend Technologies
2004 - 2005 :
Professionally Licensed Internet/Intranet Systems Integrator and Designer
IUT Charlemagne - Nancy (France)
2002 - 2004 :
University IT Diploma, Majoring in Software Engineering
IUT Charlemagne - Nancy (France)
General Knowledge: Economy, accounting, mathematics, law, technical english, project management
1999 - 2002 :
Bachelor of Science, Majoring in Engineering Sciences
Lycée Pierre Mendes France - Epinal (France)

Technical Skills

Operating system :
Linux, UNIX, Windows
SQL DB, NO-SQL, Search Engines, Memory caching :
MySQL4/5, Oracle, Mongodb, Elasticsearch, MSSQL, TextML (XML Database), Solr, memcached, Sphinx, CouchDB
Modeling methodology :
Merise, UML
Programming language :
PHP, C, JavaScript, (X)HTML / W3C Standards, CSS, XML, XSL, C++, Java, Erlang, JSP, Cobol, Eiffel
Software / tools :
Vim, Xdebug, PHPUnit, Phake, Jenkins, KCacheGrind, GIT, SVN, CVS, Apache1/2, MySQL4/5, Bind8/9, JQuery, prototype, node.js, JMeter
Miscellaneous :
OOP, Design Patterns, SOAP, REST, MySQL UDF, Apache1/2 module development, Smarty Templating, Language Theory (Flex, re2c, plex and Bison, Lemon, phpLemon)

Open Source Software

Core PHP Developer (Internal) (,
php/cURL extension primary maintainer (
French/English Documentation (
Author of the pecl/stomp extension (
Author of the patch to include native annotations support in PHP (
Lead developer of the pecl/mqseries extension (IBM Websphere MQ Client) (
PHP OAuth2 :
Light PHP wrapper for the OAuth 2.0 protocol (based on OAuth 2.0 Authorization Protocol draft-ietf-oauth-v2-15).
PHP FastCGI Client :
PHP class which handles the communication with a FastCGI (FCGI) application using the FastCGI protocol.
VIM Php Refactoring Toolbox :
Vim plugin to easily refactor PHP code.
mod_sqlalias :
Apache2 module which will intercept specific URI requests and dispatch them to the appropriate page to be served using a MySQL alias table.

Speaking Engagements

ConFoo - March 2011 :
Speaker at the 2011 edition of ConFoo. Presentation of «Getting Started with PHP extensions», an introduction to PHP internal and PHP's extensions.
PHP Québec - June 2011 :
Speaker at the monthly meeting of PHP Québec in June. Presentation of «Getting Started with PHP extensions», an introduction to PHP internal and PHP's extensions.

Personal Projects / :
French and Canadian dating websites launched in 2005. More than 200,000 members and 20,000 unique visitors per day.
Used technologies: PHP, MySQL, memcached, C, Java, Node.js

Professional Experience

July 2010 to Present :
IT Consultant and Founder at AdoY inc. Advice and support to help various companies in the field of publishing such as La Presse, National Journal Group and Meister Media.
November 2007 to July 2010 :
Product Team Lead at Nstein Inc. in Montreal. Technical leadership, mentorship and development in the development and integrations team for PHP/WCM. Worked directly with clients at various multinational publishing companies such as Reed Business Information, Canoe (Quebecor), Impremedia, Bonnier, Transcontinental, NAPCO, Chronicle of Higher Education, Univision, Hearst, and Fry Communications.
March 2006 to July 2007 :
Developer at "Etudiants Bien Branchés" in Montréal.
Designed and updated various websites for small and medium enterprises.
December 2003 :
IT Consultant and Founder of
Designed solutions and professional websites.
July to September 2003 :
Web Application Developer at Web Solutions Paris.
Designed a website and e-commerce storefront with its administration interface and customer management.


Languages :
English: Good (Participated in many face-to-face client exchanges and delivered various public speaking engagements with ease).
French: Excellent.
Interests :
Skydiving (Member of the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association, Solo certificate #4535)
Cinema, Sport (Muay Thaï, Hockey, Tennis, Running, Basketball, Jorkyball)
Computer science, Music